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Beyond The Buzz - Fara Coffee

            If there is anything more satisfying than the first sip of coffee on an early Monday morning then I had not yet found it until I came across Fara Coffee. Not only did it give me a delicious caffeine fix, it gave me a way to get involved with a cause bigger than myself.

            First picking up the flashy, orange bag of coffee I couldn’t help but wonder who Fara was. Why did they give back to the people of Nicaragua? Why was the fact that they were a local company so important? As I became more invested in the product I began to find out how and why Fara is going beyond the buzz.

            Fara Coffee began roasting in 2004 by Manny and Maria Farahani. In the past 12 years it has gone from a small, Austin-based coffee company to a thriving business and foundation. The Fara Foundation is the heart and soul of the brand and the reason, other than the smooth taste, that Fara has been set apart from other hyper local coffee brands since 2010. Through the foundation, Nicaraguans in the Matagalpa region are given access to healthcare, elder care, food supply and education.

            While Fara was founded in 2004, the four farms, or fincas, have been in the family since 1912; truly making this a family affair with it’s fifth generation of coffee growers. A unique aspect of Fara’s process is that they oversee everything from planting and hand picking to roasting and packaging. Fara’s list of impressive qualities includes their Rainforest Alliance Certification along with the fact that there is not a step in the process that is not sustainably traded and harvested.

            Fara is not solely a company out for profit, but a family digging deep into its roots and it’s communities. Fara is about taking care of our neighbor whether it be by sharing a cup of coffee with a friend or literally feeding a family in need. This is why you can find them in local coffee shops, cafes and grocery chains – they’re committed to the growth and sustainability of the Central Texas community as well as communities all around the rest of the US and the world.

            Handcrafted with over six of the finest blends, Fara is able to reach out to all consumer types whether they are coffee enthusiasts looking for that perfect single origin roast or your grandmother looking for her favorite breakfast blend. 

            The buzz that the first sip of coffee gives you is satisfying, but drinking a coffee going beyond the buzz is the ultimate gratification.